The passing of a family member or friend can be a traumatic event in one’s life, and for many reasons. While planning funeral services there can be many hurdles. Equally as daunting is the financial settlement portion.

Funeral professionals, in most cases, provide a steady hand as their clients are lead through the process. While many details come together, the sensitivity of the financial burden placed by one's passing, is often times, overlooked. Economically, the world is much different than when my grandfather began to work for himself in 1931. Still in the throes of the Great Depression, he worked with families to soften the burden of the loss of a loved one, and the economic hardship that came with it. With currency scarce, in-kind payments came from all corners of the broad landscape.

The Finegan Funeral Homes of Phillipsburg and Alpha are proud to continue to uphold my grandfather and fathers’ tradition of liberal payment options when you need it most. Our funeral home takes great pride in continuing with our nearly one hundred years of realizing a death in one’s family should never be treated as just another business transaction.

We would also like to advise the public that the Finegan Funeral Home has always accepted New Jersey Public Assistance Funds to aid in funeral planning for members of our community who are recipients of certain Medicaid programs.

Should you care to discuss, please do so by contacting us at any time.